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Roadside Assistance for Electric Cars

There’s tons of benefits for using an electric vehicle, including lower vehicle emissions, and a reduced cost of operation. Today, an increasing amount of people are joining the electric vehicle market today, and tons of new electric cars are being developed that can even marry the best qualities of a typical combustion engine and electric varieties. However, electric vehicles experience issues just like normal vehicles do; in this blog entry, the roadside assistance experts here at Chicago Towing will details the most common reasons that electric vehicles require our services.

Battery Drainage

When an electric vehicle runs out of battery charge its the same of a regular vehicle running out of gas. While the majority of electric vehicle batteries have vastly improved in recent years, their ability to hold a charge is still limited, and since there’s very few public areas where electric cars can be recharged, it’s often hard for people to recharge their battery when they’re out on the road.

Broken Battery

A more serious issue than a battery simply running out of charge, the lithium-ion based batteries in electric vehicles can decay and break like any other type of battery. While newer models of electric vehicles have newer and better constructed batteries than older models, the batteries will still need to be replaced at some point – just hopefully not when you’re driving.


Brakes in electric cars, just like those in cars with normal combustion engines, can wear down over time, and require their rotors and pads to be replaced. Electric vehicles utilize special regenerative braking systems that limit the amount / exponential increase of degradation – however their brakes aren’t immortal, and will need to be repaired or replaced at some time.

Tire Issues

Many electric cars are actually much heavier than normal combustion engine cars, due to the extra weight of the battery system. This can place additional force and pressure on tires, causing an acceleration in tire tread wear, and also potentially raising the chances of a tire puncture or flat. Tire issues can affect vehicles of all types, and electric vehicles are certainly no exception.

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Top Misconceptions about Towing

There’s a range of common myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes about towing companies and towing services widely held by the public today. In this blog entry, the towing experts here at Chicago Towing will detail some of the top forms of these misconceptions, and dispel them.

Towing Companies Tow Illegally Parked Vehicles Only

Many people wrongly assume that towing companies mainly focus on parking illegally parked vehicles. However, although many municipalities tow illegally parked vehicles, the main trade of towing companies is much more altruistic. Towing companies mostly rescue people stranded on the side of the road by providing roadside assistance service – and provide a range of other, non-towing related services as well, from vehicle jump-starting to fuel delivery.

Towing Companies Aren’t Available 24/7

Many people think that if their cars break down in the middle of the night that they will have to wait until towing companies open up in order to receive service. This is a myth! Professional towing companies, like the expert team here at Chicago Towing, specialize in providing service to our customers on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year, even during holidays. This is to ensure that you get the service that you need, when you need it!

Towing Companies can’t Tow Large or Unique Cars

Many people think towing companies stick to servicing SUVs or sedans, but this is another misconception! Towing companies can provide expert towing services to a wide range of vehicles, from RVs and campers to semi-trucks and motorcycles. We even tow busses, antique cars, and exsotic vehicles here at Chicago Towing!

Tow Trucks Take their Time

In actuality, towing companies make efficient service and fast-arrival windows their priority! This is an ideal for customers who find themselves broken down or stranded in poor weather, on the side of the road, or in dangerous areas. Chicago Towing prides ourselves on rapid-arrival times, ensuring that you will swiftly receive custom-tailored service at the direct location of your vehicle, as soon as you need it.

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Benefits of 24/7 Towing Service

Chicago Towing provides the highest quality, fastest arrival, most affordable, and top professional 24/7 towing service available anywhere in the Chicagoland area. In this blog entry, our expert towing technicians will detail the priceless benefits offered by utilizing our 24 hour towing service.

Constant Availability for Roadside Assistance Service

Nobody plans for an accident – but sometimes they do occur. Even breakdowns can prove majorly inconvenient, if not dangerous – especially when they occur in strange areas, during inclement weather, or in the middle of the night. Before 24 -hour towing service, people had to hike to the nearest area to ask for help, or wait until morning to find a working towing service. By utilizing a 24/7 towing service like Chicago Towing, you can ensure that your car will be brought to the nearest mechanic for repairs as soon as you need it done, and no later.

Rapid Arrival Times

Chicago Towing’s licensed automotive recovery technicians make it one of their highest priorities to arrive at your location in as speedy a manner as possible as soon as we receive your call. Here, we understand that the longer you’re stranded in (or worse, outside) your vehicle, the more dangerous – if not frustrating – it gets. That’s why we pride ourselves in our instant arrival times, coming straight to your location to provide you with instant solutions, with ultimate efficiency that never dwindles regardless of the time of day or night.

Professional Training Quality

Chicago Towing employs a team of towing expert technicians that have received the highest level of industry training, robust licenses, and the vast industry experience necessary to provide you with professional, on-the-spot solutions to your roadside assistance needs, regardless of the complexity of the automotive issue. When you work with Chicago Towing, you work with professionals that can handle every type of issue, and understand how to do their job with maximum skills and efficiency.

Cost Effectiveness

The 24 hour towing and roadside assistance services offered by Chicago Towing aren’t just high quality and efficient – they’re cost effective as well! The full range of our services, whether they be towing, vehicle recovery, and even fuel delivery, are priced at a competitive and budget friendly rate, ranging from your vehicle type and the service distance coverage. Our affordable service ensures that you can receive the solutions you need and deserve, all without burning a hole in your wallet. When you work with Chicago Towing, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your automotive service requirements will be taken care of in as efficient, precise, and affordable fashion as possible.

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What to do during Sudden Brake Failure when Driving

Brake failure – especially when it occurs in the middle of driving, is a major safety risk – and one that unfortunately can occur suddenly when car mechanical operation is overlooked for a while. In this blog entry, the towing and vehicle recovery experts here at Chicago Towing will detail exactly what to do if your vehicle’s brakes suddenly fail while you’re in the middle of driving.

Remain Calm

Make sure to stay even keeled and try not to panic – this is vital to keep you and those around you safe. By staying safe, you can act well under pressure. Just breathe deeply and try to be aware of your surroundings and regain as much control of your vehicle as you can to get it safely off the highway or road.

Keep your Car On

Don’t turn your car off, even if it seems like a good idea to slow it down – this can cause it to skid further by disabling your steering or even fully locking your steering. This will cause you to have LESS control of your car. Keep the engine running until you’re fully stopped. Also, keeping your car on will make it easier to bring it safely to the side of the road.

ctivating Hazard Lights

Turn on your hazard lights to let other drivers on the road know you’re broken down – especially at night! If there’s people around you, also honk the horn to warn the people around you to steer away from you.

Turn Down the Shifts

Try to downshift your car gradually, one gear at a time – don’t downshift to the 1st gear of the car at once, as this can cause skidding. If your car is automatic, removing your foot from the accelerator will help it shift. This will help you get your car to a safe distance where you can safely activate the emergency brakes.

Trying Brakes Again

Try applying steady and hard pressure on the brake pedal and see if you can get at least one half of your dual brakes to slow the car down – sometimes, only one half of the brakes have failed. Be careful doing this and don’t press TOO hard, just steadily and firmly.

Careful Emergency Brake Application

Emergency brakes will slowly slow down your vehicle – but they must be engaged carefully in order to keep as much control of the car as possible, since they are separate from the normal hydraulic based braking system you’re used to. They will take longer to slow your vehicle down.

Calling for Assistance

Once your car is in a safe area, fully stopped, or off the road, call your trusty towing provider like the expert roadside assistance team here at Chicago Towing for rapid assistance and instant, convenient solutions!

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How to Avoid Car Accidents

In this blog entry, the towing and vehicle recovery experts here at Chicago Towing will detail the top reasons that car accidents occur, and the best ways you can stay safe driving and avoid them.

Lackluster Vehicle Maintenance

If your car is in poor condition and hasn’t been maintained well – including issues such as worn down tires, regularly overheating engines, radiator issues, shock problems, or broken car mirrors – you shou;dn’t take in on the road as it can be dangerous. Ensure your tires and engines, and other vehicle parts, are working properly before driving.

Rear End Collisions

This common accident occurs when people don’t have a good amount of distance between the car behind or in front of them. Its common that the rear driver is liable for this accident, as they’ve driven too close to the front car. Make sure you leave a time distance of 3 seconds to pass through the same area as the car in front of you, and that your brake lights are working properly.

Red Light Accidents

Crossing through a red light is a common cause of car accidents. Always follow all traffic rules and make sure nobody is approaching the intersection as you cross it – and be careful approaching yellow lights! It’s not a bad idea to be careful and aware when crossing green lights as well.

Weather Condition Based Accidents

Rainy, snowy, and slippery roads can cause accidents due to hydroplaning. Worn out tires make this more of a risk. Thick fog is another common weather based issue that causes accidents. You can avoid these issues by ensuring proper maintenance of your vehicle, checking that your tires are in safe condition, and driving slowly in bad weather.

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Common Causes of Winter Vehicle Breakdowns

Cold weather can have a strong effect on vehicle operations, sometimes leading to mechanical errors and even breakdowns that come with their own safety and security implications. In this blog entry, the towing experts here at Chicago Towing will detail the main reasons that vehicles suffer breakdowns during frigid Winter weather.

Batteries Dying

A common reason for people calling for Winter roadside assistance is a dead car battery. During cold days, the car’ battery might not be able to make enough energy to trigger the engine when keys are turned when this happens, often the car was left outside in the cold for too long. You can use a voltmeter device that allows you to check the voltage of your car battery, to verify that it’s not getting too cold. If the voltmeter reading is between 12.40 and 12.75, you can still start your car – but if it’s anything but this range, you’ll likely need to replace your car’s battery.

Tire Issues

Many people change their tires in Winter in order to be prepared for the potential driving and tire issues associated with cold weather or driving through snow. Properly maintained normal tires can do the trick even in cold weather though – sometimes. Makes sure to check your tire treads, and make sure that you’re not driving on tires with worn down treads. Tire treads provide traction and grip that allows you to better steer and control our car without road skidding.

Frozen Car Fluids

Car’s require filing with a range of fluids for proper operation. Many of these fluids won’t freeze as solid as water, but can thicken into a viscous texture in cold weather that interferes with the proper operation of your car, as it prevents the fluid from circulating right. This is the reason cars can still overheat even in Winter weather! If this is the case, have a mechanic check the fluid of your vehicle to verify everything is in shape – and consider switching to thinner car oils during cold Winter months.

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Distracted Driving Risks

Ensuring alertness when driving is absolutely necessary for driving safety and avoiding situations that require roadside assistance. In this blog entry, the roadside assistance and driving safety experts here at Chicago Towing will detail the dangerous events that can occur when drivers are distracted.

Impact with Road Debris

With the constant flow of traffic, and many cars carrying objects, it’s guaranteed that eventually drivers will come upon debris on the road. Distracted drivers can easily run over debris – which can damage your car, or even cause an accident.

Fallen Off Wheels

A common cause of car accidents are vehicle wheels that fall off cars and damage other vehicles around the road. Alert drivers can recognize these passing wheels in real time and drive away from them, avoiding accidents. Loose wheels on roads can move in any direction, meaning that they must be avoided at all costs.

Driving Off the Road

Distracted drivers can easily drive off the road with just a momentary lapse in attention. By staying alert, you can make sharp turns when needed, and not accidentally space out and drive off the road. It’s essential to maintain full awareness to adjust to all sudden turns and stay on the road – this is especially true when you’re traveling on that particular route for the first time.

Overheating Vehicles

Safe and aware driving includes paying attention to your car’s safety signals on it’s panel. If you miss a safety alert, your car can wind up damaged, or even broken down. A common form of dashboard warning related to accidents is automotive auto heating. If you’re signaled that your car is overheating, stop the car, check the radiator’s water levels – refill it if necessary – and then you’re good to go! Overlooked overheating can render your car inoperable, and leave you stranded on the road, in need of automotive assistance service.

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Towing New Jersey For Over 30 Years: Why You Need Experienced Pros

You wouldn’t get your car towed by just any company, would you? Experience is necessary.

There are plenty of companies that are currently towing in New Jersey. With that said, it’s necessary that you do your due diligence when choosing a towing service. You want your car to be cared for by a trusted team right? Let’s review why experienced pros are needed as opposed to any other towing service.

Track Record of Success

When working with a towing service, they need to be reputable. Why get towed by a company that has scores of bad reviews when you can work with a company that is heavily praised by their customers. Look for keywords like “professionalism, quality, and punctuality” when searching through online reviews. If the company has those three characteristics according to their clientele, you’ll surely have a pleasant experience too. 

Here’s an actual example of a great review:

“He was genuinely concerned for my classic car (1966 jaguar) and the 100 miles we needed to travel. Seamless and excellent service. Will totally use Accurate again.”

Clearly, they made sure to choose the towing company that provides unmatched care to their customers and their vehicles. When it comes to providing exceptional service and care to your car while towing in New Jersey, you don’t want to deal with amateurs. That’s why a track record of success is necessary.

dditional Services Offered

When towing in New Jersey with inexperienced companies, they often only offer a handful of services. If your car needs a tow and subsequent repair, you may be out of luck. However, if the team you’re working with has years of experience and countless services, you may be in better shape. 

Being able to provide services such as repair, recovery, and heavy hauling on top of towing not only makes things more convenient for you but also demonstrates their authority in the field. Companies with a wide range of offerings clearly employ experts who have mastered their crafts and all related aspects of the job. Why pay premiums on outside repairs or hauling when you can continue working with the company that towed you in the first place? 

Trust in Emergencies

Many companies towing in New Jersey offer 24/7 services to help you get back on the road or to a repair facility in the event of an emergency. With that in mind, would you trust any old towing company to rescue you at 3 in the morning? Probably not.

Trust is extremely important in emergency situations. Imagine you’re in need of recovery services in the early morning but have to get to work by noon. Would you trust an inexperienced team to arrive fast enough in order for you to get to work on time? 

We don’t think so. In these kinds of situations, your best bet is a towing service with decades of experience handling emergency rescues and tows. In fact, experienced professionals will be able to arrive on the scene in 30 minutes or less, regardless of where you are or what time it is. With the right towing company, you will receive quick and effective service.

towing in new jersey

Which Pros Are Experienced Enough With Towing in New Jersey?

There should only be one answer that comes to mind: Accurate Towing. Our professionals have all the necessary experience to tow your vehicle. Period. We’ve been towing New Jersey for over 30 years and there is no end in sight. Whether you need a heavy-duty tow or an off-road recovery,  you can trust Accurate to do it all. Call us today and we’ll give you a free quote.

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Automotive Transmission Issues

Transmission failure is one of the leading issues that cause drivers to call our expert roadside assistance team. In this blog entry, the roadside towing experts here at Chicago Towing will detail the top signs that indicate a car’s transmission is experiencing failure.

Gear Shift Issues

If your car won’t shift into the right gear, it’s likely due to transmission issues. You might experience a delay in gear engagement after shifting from drive to spark (with automatic transmission cars.) If your car has manual transmission, this issue can be seen in a delay between revving your engine and the speed of the vehicle increasing (your car will accelerate slower than expected.) This phenomenon is known as slipping transmission.

Strange Sounds

If you’re hearing strange and unfamiliar sounds coming from your vehicle – like humming, clanking, or a buzz, it’s likely due to a failed transmission. Transmissions are complicated pieces of machinery with many moving parts – and wear on a single one of these parts can cause strange noises. These sounds indicate the potential of a transmission failure. Automatic transmission issues cause buzzing or humming, while manual transmission failures cause clunking.

Fluid Leakage

Transmission fluid is essential for lowering the friction in your vehicle and stopping it’s engine from overheating. Transmission fluid leakages increase the chances that your transmission will overheat or completely fail. If you see bright red liquid under your car, it must be brought to a transmission shop as soon as possible. If there’s leaking black or dark brown fluid that has a burning smell, it indicates that your transmission is overheating and that the transmission fluid has been burnt – meaning that the transmission must be fully replaced.

Burning Odor

Like mentioned above, a burning odor indicates that transmission fluid is beginning to overheat, likely because of a metallic part breaking down, or sludge or debris within the clutch. Transmission fluid must be flushed out after 100,000 miles – neglecting to do so will cause this burning smell. This smell is reminiscent of burning rubber, and may be accompanied by smoke.

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3 Reasons Why Tow Trucks Get So Busy in the Spring Time

While Winter is certainly one of the busiest times of the year for tow trucks, Spring is far from being an incident-free season for drivers on the road. Yes, the weather has improved so there are fewer risks when driving, yet the impact that the long winter has on your vehicle often rears its head come Spring time.

This leads to a surprising amount of vehicle breakdowns, with all kinds of issues causing drivers to require roadside assistance. As a result, tow trucks get very busy during Spring time, so let’s take a closer look at some reasons why this happens!

1. Better Driver Conditions Means More Drivers on the Road

This one is surprisingly simple – Spring brings better driving conditions so people tend to drive more frequently compared to winter. Icy and snowy conditions have subsided for the most part, so people can drive longer without any risks, leading to a notable increase in vehicles on the road.

As you can image, more vehicles mean more possibility of breakdowns, whether from long-term issues that developed over winter or general auto accidents like a fender bender or getting locked out the car.

2. The Effects of Winter

Winter is a harsh time for any vehicle. Beyond the inherent risks of driving in ice, snow, sleet, and rain, the extreme conditions can wreak havoc on various parts of your vehicle. These problems sometimes don’t rear their heads until spring, where the changing conditions and/or increased use of your vehicle cause the issues to become very apparent.

For example, the low temperatures in winter force the car battery to work harder than normal, and when the temperatures rise in Spring the fluids in the battery evaporate much quicker, increasing the chances of the battery completely dying.

Similarly, constant changes in temperature between Winter and Spring cause tire pressure to fluctuate, leading them to be over or underinflated. When this happens, tires are susceptible to bursting, with many people needing to call a tow truck in spring for a tire change.

These are a just a few examples of the various auto issues that start to develop in winter and come to head by the Spring time. Always make sure to get your car checked and serviced for Spring time!

3. Spring Break
One of the busiest times of the year for travelling, Spring break sees students across the country head home or away on vacation while schools take a short break. Colleges have different dates for Spring break, so for most of Spring time you will find a lot of students driving on the road, often across long distances as they head home for vacation.

Tow trucks often find themselves assisting students that are travelling during Spring break, often in vehicles that aren’t in the newest condition. These breakdown issues can be something minor like a failed tire or something more serious with the engine, which can often happen when making a long-distance drive.

Plaza Towing has been serving the roadside and vehicle transporting needs of Coachella Valley since 1969.  With locations in Palm Desert and Indio, and a fleet of over 30 tow trucks, Plaza Towing is able to handle every roadside service challenge and meet every towing need.  Offering light duty towing, medium duty towing, heavy duty towing, specialized trailer transport, and private party impounds, one or more of our tow vehicles are always out on the road providing quality service to both individual and commercial customers somewhere in Coachella Valley.  Readily available 24/7/365, contact Plaza Towing to get a truck dispatched to your location either now, or at a planned time of your choosing.  Reach us online, or call us now at (866) 775-4314!

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