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Essential Items to Keep in your Car for Safety

In this blog entry, Chicago Towing’s roadside assistant experts will detail the essential items to keep in your car in order to be prepared for any automotive issue.

Tire Changing Tools

Flat tires are probably the most common car breakdown event. Most modern vehicles come with tire changing kits – but purchase one if you don’t have one already. These tools range from spare tires and car jacks to lug wrenches or other specialty tools. 

Tire Sealant

If your tire has a very small leak that doesn’t require changing out to your spare tire, tire sealant might be able to do the job until you can bring your vehicle to a tire changing center.

Jumper Cables

Dead batteries are another cause of common automotive breakdowns. Always keep jumper cables in your car! If your car battery runs out, you can flag a vehicle on the road down for a jump and they can assist you in using their car’s battery to start your car and turn over your engine! Make sure to pump the gas once your engine turns over to keep it running to help charge up your car’s battery.

First Aid and Water / Snacks

Always keep a first aid kit on hand to be safe – as well as emergency water or snacks if you find yourself stranded and/or waiting for roadside assistance. We recommend keeping water in your vehicle in NON-PLASTIC containers, as the plastic can leach into the water under hot temperatures.


Bring a strong and powerful flashlight to help be a light source if your car breaks down at night. It’s a much better idea than relying on your phone’s flashlight, which, of course, is in turn reliant on your phone’s battery charge!

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Rainy Day Driving Safety

In this blog entry, the towing experts here at Chicago Towing will detail some essential tips for driving safe on a rainy day.

Quick Car Equipment Check

Check your car’s equipment including headlights, taillights, windshield wipers, and horn to make sure that they are working. Ensure that your car’s tire treads are adequately intact – as worn down tires make slippery roads more likely to cause your car to hydroplane and skid.

Drive Slow

Make sure to drive much slower on wet roads as your car’s reaction time will be somewhat diminished. This is an absolute must in rainy weather. Only by slowing down can you provide your car more time to react to obstructions, accidents, or hydroplaning.


Always keep your headlights fully on when driving in the rain – even if it’s only a light rain or mist.

Windshield Wipers

Always turn your windshield wipers on – also, even only in light rain or mist. Windshield wiper speed can be adjusted to remove moisture from your windshield. We recommend also possibly spraying or wiping special rain resistant products onto your windshield – and replacing your wiper if you hear them scraping on your windshield.

Distance Between Cars

Make sure to drive at least a car’s length behind each car for every 10 MPH you are driving – and when it’s raining, give even more distance than this!

void Puddles

Hydroplaning is more likely to occur when driving through standing water or large puddles. This phenomenon is when a car glides over water preventing your tires traction from touching the road – which can cause skidding or cause your car to go out of control. Drive around standing water by steering or safely changing lanes – and if your car starts to hydroplane, slowly take your foot off the accelerator and steer in the direction that the front of your vehicle needs to turn (rather than the other direction.) Never make a sudden turn or slam on your brakes!


Rain increases humidity, and your vehicle’s windows can easily fog up. Make sure to ventilate your vehicle to remove the fog – and crack a window if need be. If you still can’t see, safely pull your vehicle to the side of the road away from other vehicles until you can easily see through your windshield.

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Towing Freehold NJ: How We Keep Your Fleet Running Fast

Do you own a fierce fleet of vehicles but don’t have any protection plans in place? What happens when one of your ice cream trucks breaks down in the dog days of summer? Plenty of kids will surely be screaming for ice cream under the hot sun at Manasquan Beach while you’re scrambling for a solution. Or what happens if one of your landscaping trucks is in desperate need of repair right before a job in Stonehurst East? You’ll have to shift some things around last minute to hopefully make it work.

The fact of the matter is that opening a fleet account for your vehicles will save you time and money during these stressful situations. We’ve been towing Freehold NJ for over 30 years and can assure you that opening an account with a towing service will keep your fleet running fast and efficiently. Take a look below at some of the benefits that are included with a fleet account.

freehold towing

Tow Trucks On-Site

If any of your vehicles break down like in the earlier ice cream example, we will send a tow truck on site. There is no need to worry about getting back on the road as our professionals will have you up and running in no time. Even if your vehicle needs more extensive repair that can’t be fixed with roadside assistance, we’ll take it straight to the shop quickly and safely.

Whether you’re driving a flower delivery box truck or a flat bed landscaping vehicle, our heavy duty vehicles can transport loads up to 60,000 lbs. In addition, you won’t be waiting a long time for us to arrive either. Our tow trucks always arrive punctually so you can get back to whatever job you’re trying to accomplish. 

On-road, Off-road: it doesn’t matter; your fleet will get back on its feet thanks to our towing Freehold NJ services.

Mechanics On Demand

Opening a fleet account will give you access to mechanic and repair service at a moment’s notice. If you find yourself in a similar situation as the previous landscape example, assistance will be available around the clock to ensure you make it to your upcoming job. Our trained and experienced mechanics will be able to:

Complete oil changesReplace fuel and air filtersFix alignmentsCheck engine lightsPatch and replace tiresRun air brake diagnosticsOffer other necessary repairs

From oil changes to tires, we do it all. It’s definitely safe to say that your vehicles will be in good hands under the care of our master mechanics.

Inspections On The DOT

You won’t have to worry about any of your trucks failing a DOT inspection if you open up a fleet account with our Towing Freehold NJ services. Our team will ensure that all of your vehicles’ parts and accessories are working properly, safe to use, and in good condition. That includes your brakes, cargo, steering wheel, battery, suspensions, exhaust, lighting – everything. We’ll even check to see if your emergency kit needs restocking too. 

We understand how stressful DOT inspections can be. However, you’ll have nothing to worry about thanks to our team of experts, which leads us to the final benefit of opening a fleet account with us:

freehold towing freehold nj

Peace of Mind

Regardless of where your vehicles are heading, your drivers will be able to rest assured that they have towing services available to them in the event of emergencies or breakdowns. This offers peace of mind while driving that is otherwise unachievable without opening a fleet account. Above all, the fleet services we provide will keep your drivers and trucks protected in all possible situations.

Let’s Start Towing Freehold NJ Today

Are you ready to open up a fleet account with us? Whether you’re in need of roadside assistance or off-road recovery, Accurate Towing will get your fleet up and running fast. Give us a call today to get started.

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