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What to do during Sudden Brake Failure when Driving

Brake failure – especially when it occurs in the middle of driving, is a major safety risk – and one that unfortunately can occur suddenly when car mechanical operation is overlooked for a while. In this blog entry, the towing and vehicle recovery experts here at Chicago Towing will detail exactly what to do if your vehicle’s brakes suddenly fail while you’re in the middle of driving.

Remain Calm

Make sure to stay even keeled and try not to panic – this is vital to keep you and those around you safe. By staying safe, you can act well under pressure. Just breathe deeply and try to be aware of your surroundings and regain as much control of your vehicle as you can to get it safely off the highway or road.

Keep your Car On

Don’t turn your car off, even if it seems like a good idea to slow it down – this can cause it to skid further by disabling your steering or even fully locking your steering. This will cause you to have LESS control of your car. Keep the engine running until you’re fully stopped. Also, keeping your car on will make it easier to bring it safely to the side of the road.

ctivating Hazard Lights

Turn on your hazard lights to let other drivers on the road know you’re broken down – especially at night! If there’s people around you, also honk the horn to warn the people around you to steer away from you.

Turn Down the Shifts

Try to downshift your car gradually, one gear at a time – don’t downshift to the 1st gear of the car at once, as this can cause skidding. If your car is automatic, removing your foot from the accelerator will help it shift. This will help you get your car to a safe distance where you can safely activate the emergency brakes.

Trying Brakes Again

Try applying steady and hard pressure on the brake pedal and see if you can get at least one half of your dual brakes to slow the car down – sometimes, only one half of the brakes have failed. Be careful doing this and don’t press TOO hard, just steadily and firmly.

Careful Emergency Brake Application

Emergency brakes will slowly slow down your vehicle – but they must be engaged carefully in order to keep as much control of the car as possible, since they are separate from the normal hydraulic based braking system you’re used to. They will take longer to slow your vehicle down.

Calling for Assistance

Once your car is in a safe area, fully stopped, or off the road, call your trusty towing provider like the expert roadside assistance team here at Chicago Towing for rapid assistance and instant, convenient solutions!

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