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Common Causes of Winter Vehicle Breakdowns

Cold weather can have a strong effect on vehicle operations, sometimes leading to mechanical errors and even breakdowns that come with their own safety and security implications. In this blog entry, the towing experts here at Chicago Towing will detail the main reasons that vehicles suffer breakdowns during frigid Winter weather.

Batteries Dying

A common reason for people calling for Winter roadside assistance is a dead car battery. During cold days, the car’ battery might not be able to make enough energy to trigger the engine when keys are turned when this happens, often the car was left outside in the cold for too long. You can use a voltmeter device that allows you to check the voltage of your car battery, to verify that it’s not getting too cold. If the voltmeter reading is between 12.40 and 12.75, you can still start your car – but if it’s anything but this range, you’ll likely need to replace your car’s battery.

Tire Issues

Many people change their tires in Winter in order to be prepared for the potential driving and tire issues associated with cold weather or driving through snow. Properly maintained normal tires can do the trick even in cold weather though – sometimes. Makes sure to check your tire treads, and make sure that you’re not driving on tires with worn down treads. Tire treads provide traction and grip that allows you to better steer and control our car without road skidding.

Frozen Car Fluids

Car’s require filing with a range of fluids for proper operation. Many of these fluids won’t freeze as solid as water, but can thicken into a viscous texture in cold weather that interferes with the proper operation of your car, as it prevents the fluid from circulating right. This is the reason cars can still overheat even in Winter weather! If this is the case, have a mechanic check the fluid of your vehicle to verify everything is in shape – and consider switching to thinner car oils during cold Winter months.

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Distracted Driving Risks

Ensuring alertness when driving is absolutely necessary for driving safety and avoiding situations that require roadside assistance. In this blog entry, the roadside assistance and driving safety experts here at Chicago Towing will detail the dangerous events that can occur when drivers are distracted.

Impact with Road Debris

With the constant flow of traffic, and many cars carrying objects, it’s guaranteed that eventually drivers will come upon debris on the road. Distracted drivers can easily run over debris – which can damage your car, or even cause an accident.

Fallen Off Wheels

A common cause of car accidents are vehicle wheels that fall off cars and damage other vehicles around the road. Alert drivers can recognize these passing wheels in real time and drive away from them, avoiding accidents. Loose wheels on roads can move in any direction, meaning that they must be avoided at all costs.

Driving Off the Road

Distracted drivers can easily drive off the road with just a momentary lapse in attention. By staying alert, you can make sharp turns when needed, and not accidentally space out and drive off the road. It’s essential to maintain full awareness to adjust to all sudden turns and stay on the road – this is especially true when you’re traveling on that particular route for the first time.

Overheating Vehicles

Safe and aware driving includes paying attention to your car’s safety signals on it’s panel. If you miss a safety alert, your car can wind up damaged, or even broken down. A common form of dashboard warning related to accidents is automotive auto heating. If you’re signaled that your car is overheating, stop the car, check the radiator’s water levels – refill it if necessary – and then you’re good to go! Overlooked overheating can render your car inoperable, and leave you stranded on the road, in need of automotive assistance service.

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Towing New Jersey For Over 30 Years: Why You Need Experienced Pros

You wouldn’t get your car towed by just any company, would you? Experience is necessary.

There are plenty of companies that are currently towing in New Jersey. With that said, it’s necessary that you do your due diligence when choosing a towing service. You want your car to be cared for by a trusted team right? Let’s review why experienced pros are needed as opposed to any other towing service.

Track Record of Success

When working with a towing service, they need to be reputable. Why get towed by a company that has scores of bad reviews when you can work with a company that is heavily praised by their customers. Look for keywords like “professionalism, quality, and punctuality” when searching through online reviews. If the company has those three characteristics according to their clientele, you’ll surely have a pleasant experience too. 

Here’s an actual example of a great review:

“He was genuinely concerned for my classic car (1966 jaguar) and the 100 miles we needed to travel. Seamless and excellent service. Will totally use Accurate again.”

Clearly, they made sure to choose the towing company that provides unmatched care to their customers and their vehicles. When it comes to providing exceptional service and care to your car while towing in New Jersey, you don’t want to deal with amateurs. That’s why a track record of success is necessary.

dditional Services Offered

When towing in New Jersey with inexperienced companies, they often only offer a handful of services. If your car needs a tow and subsequent repair, you may be out of luck. However, if the team you’re working with has years of experience and countless services, you may be in better shape. 

Being able to provide services such as repair, recovery, and heavy hauling on top of towing not only makes things more convenient for you but also demonstrates their authority in the field. Companies with a wide range of offerings clearly employ experts who have mastered their crafts and all related aspects of the job. Why pay premiums on outside repairs or hauling when you can continue working with the company that towed you in the first place? 

Trust in Emergencies

Many companies towing in New Jersey offer 24/7 services to help you get back on the road or to a repair facility in the event of an emergency. With that in mind, would you trust any old towing company to rescue you at 3 in the morning? Probably not.

Trust is extremely important in emergency situations. Imagine you’re in need of recovery services in the early morning but have to get to work by noon. Would you trust an inexperienced team to arrive fast enough in order for you to get to work on time? 

We don’t think so. In these kinds of situations, your best bet is a towing service with decades of experience handling emergency rescues and tows. In fact, experienced professionals will be able to arrive on the scene in 30 minutes or less, regardless of where you are or what time it is. With the right towing company, you will receive quick and effective service.

towing in new jersey

Which Pros Are Experienced Enough With Towing in New Jersey?

There should only be one answer that comes to mind: Accurate Towing. Our professionals have all the necessary experience to tow your vehicle. Period. We’ve been towing New Jersey for over 30 years and there is no end in sight. Whether you need a heavy-duty tow or an off-road recovery,  you can trust Accurate to do it all. Call us today and we’ll give you a free quote.

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