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How to Know When You Need Lowboy Towing and Landoll Carriers

Trying to move large, oversized loads? Chances are, you’ll need a lowboy truck or a Landoll trailer. Whatever the job may be, whether you’re hauling heavy machinery or transporting equipment, enlisting the help of a lowboy towing service is the right choice (and rig) for you. Let’s start by breaking down all the info you need to know about lowboys and Landolls.

What is a Lowboy Towing Service?

Lowboy towing services can effectively lighten the load of heavy lifting and hard work. With that said, finding the right shipping partner and rig can be the ultimate difference maker in transporting your specialized haul equipment in a timely and cost effective manner. 

Lowboys are flatbed trailers that sit very low to the ground. They can be used to transport a wide variety of oversize and heavy loads. Trying to bring your bulldozer across the state to a job site? That’s no problem for a lowboy! Physically loading lowboys is never an issue either, thanks to their drop deck double-level systems. There are two drops on the lowboy trailer: one right after the gooseneck and one just before the wheels. These make hauling mighty machinery a breeze.

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When Should You Call to Haul?

If you’re dealing with a piece of equipment that exceeds the normal limits of a trailer, then you should definitely consider calling a lowboy towing service. Lowboy trailers are perfect for transporting products such as:

Generators, transformers, steel coils, military or construction equipment, forklifts, bulldozers, and even tiny houses.

Generally, a lowboy can move machinery up to 12 feet high and 40,000 lbs. However, with the right number of axles (depending on which state you’re in), lowboys can haul up to 80,000 lbs. That’s nearly four times as much weight as a utility trailer can handle. Clearly, there is little to no limit to what lowboy towing can accomplish.

What About Landoll Trailers?

Landoll Trailers are also extremely helpful! They offer effortless means of loading oversized and over dimensional loads which would otherwise require separate ramps. Landoll trailers can be inclined at an angle which allows for quick and easy loading. In other words, instead of using a forklift or ramp to load your wheeled cargo, you can use a Landoll trailer to load the cargo in half the time thanks to its hassle-free hydraulic systems. Acclaimed for their versatility, Landoll trailers can help you ship products such as:

Mining or railroad equipment, portable generators, compressors, small excavators, large storage containers, disabled vehicles, and even dump trucks.

What Else Can Landolls Do?

Landolls can handle large loads up to 60 tons and nearly 12 feet high. Thanks to their superior weight distribution capacity, loads will sit stably, and safely, during transport. There are even different types of Landoll trailers with their own specialized functions. 

For example, detachable gooseneck Landoll trailers feature two or three axles and are commonly used to transport agricultural equipment. On the other hand, bottom-dump Landoll trailers feature a dumper and are often used in construction and mining sites. Clearly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Landolls!

Looking for Landolls and Lowboys?

If you’re looking for Landolls and lowboys, you need to make sure you find the right lowboy towing service and Landoll carriers. We promise, you’ve come to the right place! For over 3 decades, Accurate Towing has been sending fleets of Landolls and lowboys across the state for all of their customers’ heavy hauling needs. Give us a call and contact us today to take a load off your shoulders; we’ll handle the heavy lifting from here.

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