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Don’t Expect a Towing Company to Do These 4 Things

Don't Expect a Towing Company to Do These 4 Things
We all have preconceptions about things that we’ve never used before. The towing industry sees this more than most, as not many people ever need to use the services of a tow truck company, instead hearing stories about you can and can’t expect from the service.

A lot of people know what to expect from a tow truck company. If you need roadside assistance, whether from a crash or car troubles, you can call a tow truck company for help. They can conduct repairs onsite or tow the truck away as needed, while also offering other types of roadside help such as getting a driver back in the car after locking themselves out.

On the other hand, there are some things that you shouldn’t expect a towing company to do. Some are misconceptions that you might have heard about towing companies; others are simply services that they don’t offer that you may have thought they did.

To give you a peace of mind on the road and avoid any confusion in the future, don’t expect a towing company to do these 4 things:

Overcharge You

This is perhaps the biggest misconception about a tow truck company – that they overcharge you for the service. While there are probably a few bad apples out there, most towing companies stick to fair pricing models, otherwise they won’t find much success as a business.

Now, towing services can seem expensive but that doesn’t mean you’ve been overcharged. When you break down the cost of roadside recovery, the fees charged make a lot more sense. For instance, costs include hiring the truck (an expensive vehicle to operate), distance travelled, the tow operator’s etc.

Make You Pay Upfront

Again, a few towing companies may request cash payment up front, but this doesn’t mean you should expect them all to do this.

A good towing company understands that most customers are in an emergency situation and require help first and foremost, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a towing company that will invoice you the bill after assisting you.

Ignore Your Call Because It’s Night

This is another common thing that some people think but don’t expect a tow truck company to turn away your call because it is night-time. Companies know that auto accidents can occur at inopportune moments, so always need to be available 24/7.

Not Assisting Non-Damaged Vehicles

Tow truck companies can assist with much more than just vehicle recover. In fact, a common misconception is that you can only call for assistance if the vehicle is damaged in some way – this is simply not true!

Tow truck companies can assist with all kinds of roadside problems, such as bringing fuel to standard drivers, helping the driver gain access when locked out of the car, or even just a standard battery jump.

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