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Avoiding The Need For A Towing Service Near Me In The Winter

We’ve all had that dreaded moment. After an accident or vehicle breakdown, we find ourselves on the side of the road Googling ‘towing service near me.’ While it’s convenient we have smartphones and local towing services to come to the rescue, it’s rough when your vehicle brakes down. Waiting for a tow truck to arrive is even worse during the winter. Here are some ways to help you avoid the need for a towing service and keep you safe on the road this winter.


Thorough preparation is one of the best ways to avoid the dreaded ‘tow service near me’ situation. Preparation starts with your car. Before the next time you go for a drive, make sure to check the car battery and tire treads. A dead battery could leave you out in the cold with no way to stay warm and worn tire treads could send you sliding off the road. Make sure you have the proper levels of antifreeze and that you use a non-freeze windshield wiper fluid – you don’t want your vehicle icing over on you. Check to see if your tires are properly inflated as well – cold weather can affect tire pressure, which in turn affects your safety on the road.

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The next part of preparation is what you bring with you. Make sure your vehicle has jumper cables, a snow brush/ice scraper, and flares. You should also consider bringing some sort of rough material like kitty litter or sand to put down in case you get stuck in the snow and need extra traction under the tires. During the winter you should always carry blankets, food, and water in your car, you never know what kind of frigid situation you could find yourself in. It’s also advisable to always bring a cell phone, even better if it is a smartphone to search ‘tow truck near me.’

Cold-Weather Driving

Now that you’re prepared, you need to practice cold weather driving. For example, did you know that you should steer into the skid if your car ever starts to skid on an icy road? You also should know whether or not your car has anti lock brakes. If it does, stomp on the brakes. If it doesn’t, you need to pump the brakes to a halt to reduce the chances of skidding out. Always give yourself longer stopping distances to the cars in front of you during the winter. If you give yourself the same stopping distance on an icy road as you would normally, you are more likely to hit the driver in front of you.

Accelerate and decelerate your vehicle slowly. Slamming on the gas or brakes will increase the likelihood of the wheels losing traction with the ground, causing you to skid out. Make sure to drive more slowly than you would normally, especially on snow-covered roads. If you don’t need to make a sudden stop, don’t do it. If you are on the edge about whether or not to stop for a certain yellow light, it probably means you’re already too late to stop.

When going up a hill, try to gain some inertia and avoid slamming on the gas, as your tires could spin out and send you back down the slope. Also, make sure to never try to come to a stop while on a hill – it’s a great way to slide back into the car behind you. Keep your eyes peeled on the road for pedestrians or cyclists and, of course, always buckle up. These are some of the best ways you can avoid having to Google ‘towing service near me.’

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Best Towing Service Near Me

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With decades of experience and dedication to superior service, you can trust Accurate Towing to get your vehicle off the side of the road safely. They also offer expert repair services to get you back on the road. It’s always good to have the phone numbers of towing companies in NJ before you need it. Save our number on your phone today.

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