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Automotive Transmission Issues

Transmission failure is one of the leading issues that cause drivers to call our expert roadside assistance team. In this blog entry, the roadside towing experts here at Chicago Towing will detail the top signs that indicate a car’s transmission is experiencing failure.

Gear Shift Issues

If your car won’t shift into the right gear, it’s likely due to transmission issues. You might experience a delay in gear engagement after shifting from drive to spark (with automatic transmission cars.) If your car has manual transmission, this issue can be seen in a delay between revving your engine and the speed of the vehicle increasing (your car will accelerate slower than expected.) This phenomenon is known as slipping transmission.

Strange Sounds

If you’re hearing strange and unfamiliar sounds coming from your vehicle – like humming, clanking, or a buzz, it’s likely due to a failed transmission. Transmissions are complicated pieces of machinery with many moving parts – and wear on a single one of these parts can cause strange noises. These sounds indicate the potential of a transmission failure. Automatic transmission issues cause buzzing or humming, while manual transmission failures cause clunking.

Fluid Leakage

Transmission fluid is essential for lowering the friction in your vehicle and stopping it’s engine from overheating. Transmission fluid leakages increase the chances that your transmission will overheat or completely fail. If you see bright red liquid under your car, it must be brought to a transmission shop as soon as possible. If there’s leaking black or dark brown fluid that has a burning smell, it indicates that your transmission is overheating and that the transmission fluid has been burnt – meaning that the transmission must be fully replaced.

Burning Odor

Like mentioned above, a burning odor indicates that transmission fluid is beginning to overheat, likely because of a metallic part breaking down, or sludge or debris within the clutch. Transmission fluid must be flushed out after 100,000 miles – neglecting to do so will cause this burning smell. This smell is reminiscent of burning rubber, and may be accompanied by smoke.

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