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3 Tips for Never Locking Your Key in Your Car

Getting your keys locked in your car can be a minor inconvenience or a major frustration – even dangerous, based on the time and place. In this blog entry, the emergency roadside assistance team here at Chicago Towing will provide 3 great tips to prevent you from locking your keys in your car.

Only Lock Car Doors from Outside 

The majority of modern cars utilize key fobs that allow you to lock your car doors with the press of a button. By making sure that you only lock your car’s doors when you leave the vehicle, rather than pressing the lock inward while you’re still in the car, you’re much less likely to lock your keys in the car.

Chains and Carabiners

We recommend utilizing keychains or even carabiners to attach your car keys to objects or items like purses, wallets, or phones that you are much less likely to leave inside your car.

Spare Keys

If you have a pair of spare car keys on hand – either at your home, or in the hands of a trusted friend or family member, you will save yourself a ton of stress. If you do in fact lose or misplace your car keys, you won’t have to stress about an extended lockout, as you can easily gain access. 

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