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What you Need to Know About Car Carrier Transport Services

Businesses and individuals around the world rely on car carrier transport services to get their vehicles from point A to point B. However, unless you are holding your breath driving next to one on the highway, you probably don’t give them much thought. If you recently found yourself in need of a car carrier, we offer the following information to help you with your research.

Car Carrier Transport Costs

Often the first question people ask is “how much does it cost to ship a vehicle?” It really depends on the type of vehicle you need transported, the equipment used, and the time of year. To ship a car from New York to California, the average shipping costs range from $1,400 to $2,500. 

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Types of service

There are several different levels of car carrier transport service. The least expensive option is the flatbed tow truck. Flatbeds will get the job done, but they don’t have the same security precautions other options have. On a flatbed, your car will be exposed to the weather and debris, which could damage your car on the route. Flatbeds are not designed for long distance transport, so you should really only use this service for breakdowns or short distance towing.

When it comes to long-distance transport, open car carriers are your least expensive option. This second type of car carrier transport can be risky. Like flatbeds, they are exposed to weather and debris but the risks don’t stop there. Open car carriers force vehicles to sit on a steep incline, which can exotic and classic cars. They also have two levels of vehicles stacked on top of each other. If oil leaks or a piece falls off one car, it can damage another. It’s important to get a full understanding of your insurance coverage when using this car carrier – they often have lower levels of coverage than you can get with enclosed trucks. 

To avoid the risks of flatbed and open car carrier transport services, you will need to spend some extra money. Enclosed auto transport vehicles are more expensive but are your best option for safe, smooth shipping. Enclosed carriers keep vehicles safe from the elements and debris. If you are going to spend the money on an enclosed car carrier, make sure they have the right features. Things like liftgate loading and covering your car included should be included in the price. 

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Hiring A Car Carrier Transport Service

It’s important you have the right hands behind the wheel when choosing a car carrier transport service. If you are working with a broker, it’s a good idea to ask them for an opinion on the service. Car transport brokers work to connect car carriers with people who need their services so they may have already screened and approved several companies. It’s also important to look for an auto carrier that is registered with the Department of Transportation and properly insured. 

Accurate Towing has the equipment and experience to handle various types of car carrier transport service. We are dedicated to superior service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of our drivers are trained and certified in all forms of towing.  We have a fleet of trucks and equipment including landolls, lowboys, tow trucks, flattened trailers, sliding axle trailers, and (you guessed it) car carriers to mold our services around your needs.  For over 30 years, we have provided the best towing service in Central Jersey. Contact Accurate Towing Service for all of your towing needs.

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How Do I Find The Best Towing Company Near Me?

When your car slows to a halt on the side of the road, it can be stressful not knowing what to do next. After a few moments, we begin to wonder “How do I find the best towing company near me?” Just because you are in a tough situation doesn’t mean you should call any random towing company. There are a few tips to help you pick the best towing service to get you back on the road. 

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Google Reviews

After searching ‘best towing company near me’ on your smartphone, you will be faced with countless options. One way people decide on a towing service is through the Google reviews the towing company has received. While this is often a great way to judge the quality of a business, it’s a bit more complicated when it comes to towing companies. Because towing services are responsible for towing illegally parked vehicles, not everyone is going to be a happy customer. Make sure to read through the negative reviews to see what the situation was. If they were towed away for parking illegally, it’s safe to take that negative review with a grain of salt. 

Services List 

When asking yourself “What’s the best towing company near me?” Keep in mind that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of tow truck. The best towing company for your situation should have the right equipment for the job. Check out the services list on a towing company’s website to see if they offer the type of tow you need. Motorcycles, large vehicles and standard sedans all require different types of tow trucks. It also depends how far off the beaten path your vehicle breaks down. Off-road towing is a completely different service than standard roadside assistance. Make sure the company you choose provides the service you need.

Service Areas

The last thing you want when you’re stranded on the side of the road is to spend the time looking up a towing company near me, reading reviews, and evaluating their services only to be told you are outside of their service area when you call them. Scan the website for the service area first or make a call to the towing company directly to find out the areas they serve and the services they offer. 

sk For Pricing

Many people who search for ‘towing company near me’ make the mistake of asking for the price after their car has already been towed. Getting hit with an exorbitant surprise bill is harsh, especially at a time where you will likely be paying for vehicle repairs as well. Make sure to ask for an estimate before the towing service comes to pick you up.

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Expert Towing Service Near Me

Even if you follow all of the best practices for safe driving, accidents happen. Whether you make a mistake or someone else on the road does, anyone could find themselves stuck on the side of the road. When something goes wrong, make sure you contact a company that will assist you quickly and efficiently.
At Accurate Towing Service, we offer reliable off-road towing services for whenever you find yourself stuck in a bad situation. All of our drivers are trained and certified in all aspects of towing and recovery, from off-road recovery and emergency vehicle recovery to towing services and tow truck repairs. Our high-quality tow trucks can get your car off the road before you know it. If you’re in need of a tow, contact us now!

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The Difference Between Normal and Off Road Towing Services

If you like to go off roading, whether it be on ATVs, dirt bikes or trucks – you’re probably pretty comfortable with vehicles. Since you already change your own oil and do tune ups for your off-road adventures, surely you can handle towing your vehicle right? Unfortunately, off road towing is not as simple as one might think. There are complications off the beaten path that are best left to the professionals. So what makes off road towing different? 

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Wait Times

When you get stuck in the mud off roading, the natural inclination is to keep revving the engine and trying different techniques to escape. Unfortunately, this usually just gets your vehicle more stuck and covered in mud. Rather than spending an hour trying to take care of things by yourself, it’s best to call for off road towing immediately. Even the most proactive, fast acting towing service can be a long wait depending on how far off the beaten path you are. Attempting a DIY tow can be especially problematic considering some of the dangers that come with an off road locale. Instead of waiting for hours without food or water in the middle of nowhere, make the call ASAP.

The Right Equipment

Attempting to tow your vehicle off road without the right equipment is a bad idea. You need the right tow truck, hitches and tow points required for off road towing and without it, you may make the problem worse. Many people will attempt a DIY tow only to get the second vehicle stuck or cause damage to both. Make sure you not only hire a professional towing company but one that explicitly offers off road towing services. Hiring an unqualified towing service can be as problematic as a DIY tow. 


It isn’t only the equipment that’s important, it’s also the experience. There are driving techniques that are essential to off road towing. The driver must be highly aware of their speed. Slowing down puts less stress on vehicles. If your vehicle got damaged off roading, speeding will exacerbate the damage. There is also the greater risk that rocks or debris will fly off the tires and cause damage when you are off road. The tow truck driver must have experience in cornering during off road applications. They need to know how to slow down and accelerate at the right moment while turning a corner so neither vehicle loses traction or flips. 

Then there is the issue of water crossings. There are many off road towing applications where the tow truck needs to cross water while towing a vehicle. The driver needs to know which water crossings are safe to traverse, while looking out for large debris, rocks, current  and other potential danger in the waterway. They must also know how to approach the water at the correct speed and angle to keep both the tow truck and your vehicle being towed safe. If they aren’t experienced in this type of maneuver, both vehicles could end up in danger.

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Expert Off Road Towing Service

Before you go out on your next off road adventure, make sure to have the phone number of an off road towing service ready for a worst-case scenario. At Accurate Towing Service, we offer reliable off road towing services for whenever you find yourself stuck in a bad situation. All of our drivers are trained and certified in all aspects of towing and recovery, from off road recovery and emergency vehicle recovery to towing services and tow truck repairs. Our specially modified tow trucks can get your car out of the snow before you know it. If you’re in need of a rescue, contact us now!

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